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In the following buying guide put together by the team here at Specialist Mats, we are going to answer the question of why you should use entrance matting in your commercial property.

Many business and property owners do not really give entrance matting systems the consideration they should. Even though it is the first thing that clients, customers and other visitors first see and a crucial aid in keeping the internal flooring clean and safe.


Why is an Entrance Matting System Crucial for Your Commercial Property?


Protection For Internal Flooring

An entrance matting system stops debris and excess moisture from being dragged into your building, thanks to its clever design. As foot traffic and wheeled traffic like buggies, prams, wheelchairs and shopping trolleys enter your property, the mats scrape off all that dirt, debris and contaminants, o make wet and muddy footprints and tyre tracks a thing of the past.

Increased Safety

According to reports conducted by the HSE, slips are one of the most common kinds of accidents to befall members of the general public. With that in mind, they advise that the first course of action to protect against flooring contamination is investing in high-quality walk-off matting systems. As well as reducing and even eliminating the risk of slips, trips and falls, they also help you fulfil your legal obligation to ensure that the entrance to your building is as safe and accessible as possible.

Reduced Costs of Maintenance and Repairs

Following on from the points we have already made about having an effective entrance matting system, the knock-on effect is that because cleaning is flooring by default, there is less need for maintenance and repairs. Keeping your internal floors clean will not require as much time, effort and spending.

The Design

At Specialist Mats, you will find we have a lot of different entrance matting systems available. The great thing about these mats is that really any will provide you with the benefits you need. It’s the design more than anything that makes these particular mats so good. The other aspects like material, colour and sizing are more about personal preference and property requirements.

Excellent First Impressions

Last but not least, another key reason why your business must have a high-quality entrance mat system in place is so that you can make the right first impression. When your commercial property or business premises have an entrance that is well-maintained, tidy, clean and fits in nicely with your company branding, your customers, clients and other visitors are more likely to return if it’s their first time.

Key Benefits Your Property and All Users Can Gain from Entrancing Matting

Entrance Matting System Supply and Installation Service
At Specialist Mats, we make it even easier for you to invest in and use an entrance matting system in your commercial property. We do this by offering a special supply and installation service. Contact us today for more information or to order your own entrance mats.