When it comes to choosing a high-quality matting system for your business or commercial property, you generally have two main options. The first and most popular is mats that sit on the surface of the floor. As these can easily become a trip and slip hazard, it is best to invest in mats with an anti-slip backing of some kind. They are not the most attractive or professional looking. That is unless you opt for the second variety of mats, a recessed matting system.

If you are new to the world of different entrance matting solutions or just new to the concept of recessed matting systems, this post is for you. In it, we will look at what recessed mats are and the benefits they offer.

What Are Recessed Mats?

Recessed matting systems are matting systems that are designed to sit flush with the floor surface inside a specially created mat well. In order to make sure they are not a safety hazard; you would properly prepare and measure the space for and create the mat well and ensure that you got a recessed mat that fit the space properly.

What Are the Benefits of Recessed Matting Systems?

Many great benefits come from investing in recessed entrance matting systems for your business or commercial property.

Professional and Stylish Appearance

When installed properly, recessed matting systems can give your commercial building a very professional and stylish look and feel. No more will employees, customers and other patrons must face and deal with mats that have curled up or moved from their designated place. As recessed mats are measured precisely to fit into the designated mat wells made for them, they will stay firmly in place and give your flooring a sophisticated look.

Robust and Durable

Another key benefit of recessed matting systems is their robustness and durability. As long as high-quality matting material is used and is installed properly, it will last a lot longer than alternative options that sit on top of the floor surface. the fact that it can’t be kicked around or moved from its place, means that the matting will last a long time.

Safe and Non-Slip

When there is no chance the matting will curl up on itself or skid and move out of its place, it makes for a much safer, non-slip surface to walk over. It means that patrons of your commercial building can walk into the building over the recessed matting system in full confidence. Dirt, debris, and water are collected safely out of the way of the floor in the mat well.

Various Options

Another key benefit of recessed matting systems is that they are available in a variety of different styles, materials and sizes. So, whatever the colour scheme you require, the size of mats or the specific material you need for the particular application.

At Specialist Mats, we have a wide selection of recessed floor mat system options to choose from.