Whether it’s a retail building, recreation centre, office or a warehouse, you will want to ensure that it is not only representative of your business, but also safe and well-maintained. Does your business premises have a walk-off mat system at the entrance? If it doesn’t, it may be time you consider investing in one, to give the right first impression to your customers, employees and any other visitors and people that may walk through your front doors. To show why walk off matting systems are so important, we are going to highlight some of the main benefits of installing them.

First, though, we’ll explain exactly what we mean by walk-off matt.

What Are Walk Off Mats?

Walk off mat systems consist of highly durable sections of matting that are placed either just outside the entrance or actually in the entrance of a commercial property. They are called walk-off mats because they have been designed to easily scrape off any dirt and debris that has collected under people’s shoes. These mats are also effective moisture traps.


Benefits of Walk Off Mats

Effective Safety Precaution

When you manage or own a building that is used by many people, you have a responsibility for those people’s safety. As part of that responsibility, it is recommended that you have some form of entrance mat in the building. A walk off matting system is a great option in this regard for its aforementioned ability to trap moisture. When people are coming and going through the doors of your business, especially on rainy days, without a mat they would be bringing a lot of moisture in and creating slippery surfaces. A walk off mat prevents that from happening.

Gives Your Business Facilities a More Appealing

As well as making your business premises easier to maintain and keep clean, walk off matting systems can also make the whole place look more professional. Without it, your clients, customers, and other visitors may draw their own negative conclusions about what kind of business you were running because the floors would likely be very messy, wet and unsafe.

Not only that when you have a walk-off mat in place it gives the flooring in your commercial property a more finished look and feel. Customers, clients and other visitors who have come to your business are likely to go away with a positive experience.

Easier to Maintain and Clean

There are many different flooring options out there for commercial properties. Perhaps you like the look of a polished floor or prefer something carpeted. Either way, if you incorporate the use of a walk off mat or two at the entrance of your building, it could help reduce the time and effort required to keep your floors clean. As much of the dirt, debris and excess water that is dragged in underfoot is collected on the mat, the main floors of your property are kept to a higher level of cleanliness than they would be otherwise.

That means when it comes to conducting daily or weekly cleaning tasks, it will take less time and require less effort. The mats themselves are easy enough to maintain and keep clean as you can usually remove all the dirt and debris using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner or a similar piece of equipment.