Swimming Pool Mats

Swimming Pool Mats, Poolside Mats

Our range of swimming pool mats includes matting suitable for use in wet areas in leisure centres, gyms etc. including on swimming pool surrounds. Pool side mats are offered in cut sizes as well as roll lengths and can can help enhance safety and prevent slip accidents around the poolside as well as enhancing appearance.

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  • Euroflex Comfort Swimming Pool Mat / Shower Mat / Changing Room Mat



    50cm x 10m roll £329.00
    100cm x 10m roll £469.00
    122cm x 10m roll £548.00

    Mat sizes are nominal. All prices exclude VAT
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    From £329+VAT, (£394.80 Inc VAT)
  • Comfy Step

    •  Free draining matting for bare foot comfort and safety in
    wet areas. Ideal shower mat, swimming pool mat or
    changing room mat
    •  Anti-bacterial treated PVC prevents growth of fungi and
    •  Ideal for swimming pool surrounds, showers and
    changing rooms.
    •  Connector clips available for larger widths.
    •  Overall height 9mm.

    •  Depth: 9mm.
    •  Wear Resistance: Very Good
    •  Slip Resistance: Very Good
    •  Anti Fatigue: Good

    60cm x 90cm £24.99
    60cm x 15m £343.00
    60cm Width cut length per metre £29.50
    Connectors (40, sufficient to join 15m length) £11.17

    Mat sizes are nominal. All prices exclude VAT.
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    From £11.17+VAT, (£13.40 Inc VAT)
  • Comfort Tile

    •  Interlocking duckboard tile system with high
    grip surface providing anti-slip safety
    •  Soft PVC construction provides barefoot comfort and
    safety for  poolside, showers, changing rooms
    and numerous other leisure applications.
    •  Bevelled edge system provides easy wheeled access.
    •  Free-draining surface keeps feet clear of standing water.
    •  Easy to clean – simply unclips into small sections

    •  Depth: 12mm.
    Wear resistance: Very Good
    •  Slip Resistance: Excellent
    Anti Fatigue: Very Good

    Comfort Tile  – Pool / Shower Mat

    30cm x 30cm 12” x 12” Tile £4.49
    30cm x 5cm 12” x 2” Bevel Edge £1.99

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    From £1.99+VAT, (£2.39 Inc VAT)
  • Aquastep

    Pool Mat / Changing Room Mat

    • Free draining and reversible for safety in wet areas such
    as pool surrounds, changing rooms etc
    • Soft vinyl loops for barefoot comfort
    • Suitable for most leisure applications

    • Depth: 8mm.
    • Wear Resistance: Very Good
    • Slip Resistance: Very Good
    • Anti Fatigue: Good


    90cm Wide per Metre £59.99
    90cm x 6m Roll £269.99
    From £59.99+VAT, (£71.99 Inc VAT)
  • Comfy Wave

    •  Free draining for comfort and safety in wet areas such
    as pool surrounds, showers, changing rooms etc
    •  Anti-microbial treatment prevents growth of fungi, mould
    and bacteria.
    •  Anti-slip surface
    •  Uniquely made, each 10cm section clips together so
    that longer lengths can be easily achieved. Supplied
    pre assembled in required length.

    •  Depth: 12mm.
    •  Wear Resistance: Very Good
    •  Slip Resistance: Very Good
    •  Anti Fatigue: Good

    58cm Wide per Metre £24.00
    58cm x 10m Roll £189.99

    Mat sizes are nominal. All prices exclude VAT.
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    From £24+VAT, (£28.80 Inc VAT)
  • Comfyflex

    Comfy Flex provides an economical solution for lighter duty applications where slip resistance is required in poolside areas, changing rooms, locker rooms etc. Can be used indoors or out and is easily rolled up to allow for floor cleaning.

    Open grid design and anti slip surface (DIN 51130-R11)

    The cushioned surface ensures barefoot comfort and the open grid, slip resistant surface provides effective anti slip safety underfoot. Easy to cut to size if required.
    •  Depth: 6mm.


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    From £28.00+VAT, (£33.60 Inc VAT)
  • Euroflex Style

    Euroflex Style

    60cm x 10m £411.00
    80cm x 10m £548.00
    100cm x 10m £685.00

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    From £411+VAT, (£493.20 Inc VAT)
  • Euroflex Rolls


    60cm x 10m roll £409.99
    80cm x 10m roll £549.99
    100cm x 10m roll £679.99


    From £409.99+VAT, (£491.99 Inc VAT)

Swimming Pool Mats

Amongst our large selection of swimming pool mats or poolside mats as they are also known, you will find matting suitable for most requirements.

Swimming pool mats are generally used on pool surrounds to enhance safety and hygiene, offering slip resistance and free drainage, poolside matting can reduce the risk of slip accidents which are the most prevalent in a swimming pool environment.

Our range of swimming pool mats for sale can be used for private pools, hotel swimming pools, and in leisure centres.

As well as offering enhanced safety, the use of a pool mat can also enhance aesthetics and improve hygiene as water can freely drain away. Available in a range of colours our mats can be ordered in a colour to enhance your swimming pool surround, we offer full rolls, cut lengths and individual mats to suit your requirements.

Swimming pool anti slip mats are available in various widths and with most mats these can be joined together to form wider widths if required.

There are also various designs of swimming pool mat and this includes duck board pool mats which allow for free drainage of water which helps to keep the top of the mat dry and prevent pooling of water which increases safety and helps prevent slip accidents. Most poolside matting is made from PVC to promote hygiene by resisting mould and fugal growth, rubber matting for swimming pools is generally not made as these do not offer the same hygiene benefits. PVC mats offer excellent resistance to chemicals such as chlorine.

We are often asked for poolside rubber mats but for the reasons above, these are not generally made, with PVC being the preferred material for manufacture.

Our matting range is available for fast delivery throughout the UK. We have many years of experience supplying pool mats so If you would like expert advice prior to purchase then please do not hesitate to contact us.