Swimming pool mats are non-slip mats commonly used around pools in either leisure centres, hotel swimming pools or private pools to provide a safe environment for all pool users. There is a higher risk of slips, trips and other fall-related accidents happening around pools because of the easy to clean but very slippery and wet surfaces.

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At Specialist Mats, we have a wide range of mats specifically designed to be used around swimming pools, regardless of whether it is in a private or commercial setting.

As well as increasing the level of safety there is poolside, our special anti-slip mats can also improve the aesthetics of the pool area and make it more hygienic. Thanks to their design, water does not collect up on the surface, but drains away, while offering enough traction underfoot to prevent slips and falls.

You will find a full range of size options here at Specialist Mats. We appreciate that not all poolside areas are exactly the same size, particularly if they are private and have been designed with awkward shapes and dimensions. Therefore, in addition to full rolls of non-slip swimming pool mats, we also will cut the matting to meet your own specific dimensions.

Even if you find you need more matting, like most of our products, you can join individual smaller mats together to cover larger areas.

Along with the different size options, our speciality non-slip swimming pool mats are also available in a wide range of appealing and smart colours. These can be used to help enhance the aesthetics of your pool area while increasing safety and hygiene.

Among the options we have on offer, our duckboard swimming pool mats are a firm favourite with our customers as they allow water to drain away while providing effective traction underfoot.

You will find that all of our swimming pool mats are made from PVC and not rubber, as the latter do not encourage fungus and mould growth and offer great resistance to chemicals including chlorine.

Our matting range is available for fast delivery throughout the UK. We have many years of experience supplying pool mats so If you would like expert advice prior to purchase then please do not hesitate to contact us.