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Swarf Mats throughout the UK

Swarf mats remove dirt and swarf from foot traffic. Particularly useful in the food manufacturing industry, swarf mats help to remove dirt and swarf from shoes and are ideally suited to placement outside engineering workshops.Our swarf mats are easily cleaned by simply picking up and shaking out the debris or hosing off.

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  • Happy Feet – Anti Fatigue Mat

    • Premier quality, solid top anti-fatigue mat, resistant
    to chemicals, animal fats, machine oils and
    petroleum products

    • Dense cushion core, encapsulated within solid 100%
    nitrile rubber for heavy industrial use including
    welding areas

    • Bevelled borders and gripper backing to minimise
    mat movement.

    • Safe for use in computer rooms and other static
    sensitive areas.

    • Depth: 12mm.
    • Wear resistance: Excellent
    • Slip Resistance: Excellent
    free door mat delivery
    • Anti Fatigue: Excellent

    Size Black Black/Yellow
    58cm x 85cm £74.20 £83.50
    85cm x 150cm £185.48 £209.60
    85cm x 150cm End Section £218.30 £241.35
    85cm x 150cm Centre Section £218.30 £241.35

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    From £74.20+VAT, (£89.04 Inc VAT)
  • Workzone Mat – Anti Fatigue Mat Standard Black

    •  Multi-purpose mat with very good anti fatigue properties,
    safety anti-slip surface and bevels on all sides.

    •  Honeycomb design allows liquids and debris to
    disperse quickly, leaving surface clear.

    •  Suitable for use as a swarf mat or anti fatigue mat.

    Standard Black
    •  Suitable for heavy duty industrial use in wet or dry areas.

    Grease Resistant Red
    •  75% nitrile grease resistant rubber suitable for use in
    food service applications.

    •  Depth: 13mm.
    Wear resistance: Very Good
    •  Slip Resistance: Very Good 
    •  Anti Fatigue: Very Good

    Standard (Black) Grease Resistant (Red)
    91cm x 152cm 3’ x 5’ £79.28 £131.93
    91cm x 297cm 3’ x 10’ £168.98 £288.90
    91cm x 594cm 3’ x 20’ £337.93 £577.77

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    From £79.28+VAT, (£95.14 Inc VAT)
  • Eurosafe – Swarf Mat – Anti Slip Mat

    • Hardwearing anti-fatigue mat which is also an effective
    swarf mat
    • Blue version is grease and oil resistant
    • Hardwearing, yet comfortable to stand on
    • Anti slip underside helps keep mat in position
    • Easy to clean, simply hose off.
    • Rubber construction with bevelled edges for safety
    • Can be used in wet areas to reduce risk of slipping

    • Depth: 15mm.
    • Wear resistance: Excellent
    • Slip Resistance: Excellent
    • Anti Fatigue: Good

    Standard (Black) Grease Resistant (Blue)
    90cm x 150cm 3’ x 5’ £49.99 £79.99

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    From £49.99+VAT, (£59.99 Inc VAT)
  • Swarfex Swarf Mat

    The Swarfex heavy duty swarf mat with it’s moulded scrapers provides excellent swarf removal and a superb anti slip surface.

    Nitrile rubber construction provides oil and grease resistance. Excellent for anti swarf use in food production areas. Easy to clean by hosing or pressure washing, this swarf mats closed surface ensures swarf is safely retained on the mat.

    Available in black.

    • Depth: 5mm.
    • Wear resistance: Excellent
    • Slip Resistance: Excellent
    • Anti Fatigue: Good

    Size Approx
    61cm x 91cm 2ft x 3ft £32.99
    87cm x 150cm 3ft x 5ft £79.99
    87cm x 3m 3ft x 10ft £158.99
    113cm x 180cm 4ft x 6ft £124.99
    113cm x 3m 4ft x 10ft £219.99

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    From £32.99+VAT, (£39.59 Inc VAT)
  • Swarf Guard Anti Slip Swarf Mat

    • Raised circular pattern for excellent sip resistance
    • Beveled edges for anti-trip safety
    • Raised knobs on underside allow excellent drainage
    • Effectively removes swarf from shoes and boots
    • Conforms to slip resistance test EN13552 Cat R10
    • Unique Specialist Mats Triple Guarantee

    • Depth: 14mm.
    • Guarantee: 2 Years

    Swarf Guard Anti-slip Swarf Mat

    80cm x 120cm £32.99 £24.99
    90cm x 150cm £49.99 £36.99
    From £24.99+VAT, (£29.99 Inc VAT)
  • Swarfscrape Swarf Mat

    The  Swarfscrape heavy duty swarf mat is ideal for use in food production areas for the removal of swarf from foot traffic. Nitrile rubber construction means that this swarf mat is oil and grease resistant and can be machine washed or hosed off making it easy to clean. Closed top construction retains swarf on the mat for easy removal. Raised scrapers provide an anti slip surface and tapered edges minimises the possibility of tripping. All sizes come with ribbed pattern except 115cm x 175cm which has the chequerboard pattern.

    •  Depth: 6mm.
    •  Wear resistance: Excellent
    •  Slip Resistance: Excellent
    •  Anti Fatigue: Good

    85cm x 75cm Ribbed £39.99
    85cm x 150cm Ribbed £79.99
    85cm x 3m Ribbed £169.99
    115cm x 175cm Chequerboard £129.99

    Mat sizes are nominal. All prices exclude VAT.
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    From £39.99+VAT, (£47.99 Inc VAT)
  • Clean Step – Clean Room Sticky Mat

    • A pad of adhesive ‘tacky’ layers attached to a rigid
    backing which sits on the floor surface
    • The adhesive effectively attracts and contains walked
    in dirt and dust
    • Each layer can be peeled off once soiled and
    disposed of, revealing a clean sticky sheet
    • Each refill contains 60 sheets
    • Large sticky mat comes with 2 60 sheet refills which
    are used side by side
    • Small sticky mat comes with one 60 sheet refill.

    • Depth: 6.5mm.

    Clean Step – Clean Room Sticky Mat

    60cm x 80cm Frame inc 60 sheet refill £67.50
    80cm x 130cm Frame inc 2 x 60 sheet refills £118.50
    60cm x 76cm Refill Pad 60 sheets £48.00

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    From £48.00+VAT, (£57.60 Inc VAT)
  • Sticky Step – Clean Room Tacky Mat

    • A hygienic pad of peel-off adhesive coated, disposable
    sheets manufactured from an anti-microbial agent to
    protect against bacteria, mould and mildew.
    • Once applied to the floor the self-adhesive backing
    keeps the mat in place.
    • Layers can be peeled off once soiled, revealing a clean
    sticky sheet
    • Supplied in a pack of four pads with 30 sticky sheets on
    pad 46cm x 117cm White or Blue

    Sticky Step – Clean Room Tacky Mat

    Pack of 4 pads with 30 layers 46cm x 117cm £69.99

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    From £69.99+VAT, (£83.99 Inc VAT)

Our range of swarf removal mats offer outstanding value for money. If you are looking for a swarf removal mat or anti swarf mat we are sure that you will find a suitable mat within our range. if you require any assistance with your selection of swarf mats, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Swarf Mats FAQ’s

What is Swarf?

Swarf is defined as fine chippings or filings of stone, metal, or other material produced by an industrial machining operation.

What is a Swarf Mat?

A swarf mat is defined as a mat that removes swarf from shoes and boots.

Where are they used?

Swarf mats are most often used outside engineering workshops in food factories to prevent swarf from being trodden through to the food production areas, however they are also used in any area where swarf may be a problem.

Are there different types of Swarf Mat?

Yes, most swarf mats are made from nitrile rubber which offers oil resistance and come in open top and solid top options. The open top mats allow the swarf to fall through to the floor beneath so the mat may be lifted and the floor swept. The solid top mats collect the swarf which can then be vacuumed up or the mat taken outside and shaken off.

I’ve heard about sticky mats, what are these?

Sticky swarf mats have removable sticky layers that remove swarf and it the remains stuck to the top layer. When the mat is becoming less effective you simply remove the top sticky layer to reveal a new stick layer below. Refills are available for the sticky swarf mats.