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Shower Mats & Wet Room Mats

Our range of anti slip shower mats includes matting suitable for use in commercial and domestic showers and wet rooms. Available in a range of types colours and sizes. Our anti slip shower mats all come with our lowest lowest prices guarantee and first class customer service. A Shower mat not only offers improved safety but can enhance the appearance of your shower area or wet room too.

Leisure Mats > Shower Mat Range

Euroflex comfort non slip Shower mat

Euroflex Comfort Shower Mat     From 37.80

Heavy duty pvc duckboard shower matting.  Softer construction enhances bare foot comfort.
EFC Shower Mat Buy

The comfy step shower mat

Comfy Step Shower Mat   from 24.99

Free draining matting for bare foot comfort and safety in wet areas. Antibacterial treated plastic prevents growth of fungi and bacteria. Ideal as an anti slip shower mat.
Comfy Step Shower Mats Buy

Comfort tile shower matting

The Comfort Tile Shower Mat System   from 1.99

Versatile interlocking duckboard tile system with high grip surface suitable for indoor and outdoor dry or wet areas Ideal anti slip shower mat.
Comfort Tile Shower Matting Buy

Euroflex shower mats

Euroflex Style Shower Mat   from 59.99

Heavy duty pvc duckboard anti slip shower mat. Free draining with ‘upmarket’ appearance.
Euroflex Style Shower Mat Buy

Comfywave Anti-Slip Shower mat

Comfywave Shower Mat   From 24.00

Great value shower mat. Offers free draining anti-slip surface for enhanced safety in shower areas.
Comfywave Shower Mats Buy

Euroflex shower mat

Euroflex Shower Mat   from 54.99

Provides slip resistance coupled with under foot comfort and can be used as a shower mat and in all wet areas.
Euroflex Shower Mat Buy

Shower Mats

Shower Mats   from 7.99

Slip resistant rubber shower mats and bath mats available for shower trays and baths. Textured top surface with drainage holes and underside suction cups to prevent creeping. Ideal for elderly or disabled persons.
Shower and Bath Mats Buy

Shower mat

Shower Mat    8.49

Slip resistant compact  anti-slip shower mat suitable for shower trays and baths. Textured top surface with drainage holes. The underside has suction cups to prevent slipping. Ideal for elderly or disabled persons.
Shower Mat Info

Shower Mats and Wet Room Matting

Shower Mats are used in shower areas and wet rooms to help prevent slips and trips they have anti slip properties and improve safety in areas where the floor is likely to become wet.

Our large range of shower mats are suitable for use in the work place and commercial & domestic premises and come in differing styles, from duck board shower mats to shower mat tile systems. Shower mats are frequently used in leisure centres, gyms, hotels and spa’s as well as in the home.

Duckboard shower mats are available in different widths and can be purchased in cut lengths or full rolls. The Tile shower mat is purchased as individual tiles and clip on edges and can be joined together to cover larger areas of differing shapes.

Shower and wet room matting is generally designed to help allow free drainage, thus avoiding water pools forming.

All of our shower mats offer anti slip and anti trip protection and as well as being available in differing styles, our shower mats come in a range of colours to match with your decor. Sometimes incorrectly described as non slip shower mats, anti slip shower mats offer maximum protection against slipping.

One of the benefits of using duck board matting in shower areas is that water is allowed to drain freely away. This is a benefit to every user as it helps to provide a safe anti slip standing surface but is also of particular benefit for the disabled.

On very slippery shower floors it is recommended to fit shower mats wall to wall, this has the beneficial effect of completely eliminating the risk of the shower mat slipping on the floor itself.

What about shower mats for shower trays?

In a shower tray we either recommend using flexible rubber shower mats with suction cups so that it does not slip on the shower tray surface or alternatively if you wish to use a rigid shower mat then we recommend cutting the shower mat to the exact size and shape of the shower tray in order to prevent the mat from slipping on the shower floor.

If you require advice about which type of mat would suit your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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