School and College Door Mats

School and College Door Mats

Educational establishments such as colleges, secondary schools and primary schools make great use of entrance mats. By their very nature, schools and colleges have a high volume of foot traffic entering the premises.

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A heavy duty doormat such as our Aquamat is ideal for use in these circumstances and is used in many schools and colleges up and down the country. Whilst a heavy duty entrance mat is initially more expensive, it will save the school or college money in the long term.

Firstly a heavy duty entrance mat will outlast a cheaper alternative, reducing the need for costly replacement.

Secondly a heavy duty entrance mat will perform better, further reducing dirt, dust, grit and moisture being tracked into the school or college by foot traffic. This reduces the need and therefore the cost of cleaning and finishing the surrounding floor areas.

The pile on many lower cost mats when placed in a heavy use area can crush which reduces the mats ability to remove and retain dirt and moisture. Our Aquamat is a bi-level mat which allows it to collect more dirt and moisture that a traditional mat of an equal size and it is crush resistant allowing the mat to maintain its performance over a longer period. In addition it has a heavy duty bevelled border which helps to reduce trip hazards.

View our Aquamat, an ideal entrance mat / door mat for schools and colleges.

We are also able to offer school logo mats which being heavy duty are suitable for schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments.