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Ortho tile anti fatigue mat
ortho tile open top anti fatigue tile

Ortho Tile - Anti Fatigue Mat

  Interlocking to cover large areas.
  Comfortable, cushioned standing surface
  Eases pressure on legs, feet and lower back
  Interlocking for secure joints
  Anti slip surface
  Anti-trip bevel edges available.
  Available as both open and solid top.
   More info..

  Depth: 19mm
  Wear resistance: Good 
  Slip Resistance: Good
  Anti Fatigue: Very Good

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Ortho Tile Anti Fatigue Mat

91cm x 91cm Open Top Tile


91cm x 91cm Solid Top Tile


Female edge (7.5cm wide)


Male edge (7.5cm wide)


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Ortho Tile Anti Fatigue Matting

Ortho Tile represents outstanding value for money for a durable anti fatigue tile system.

Available as both open top and solid top options, the open top allows liquids to drain away from the top surface of the mat to help reduce slip hazards.

Made from specially blended rubber to ensure very good anti fatigue properties and durability.

The tiles are 91cm square and can be cut at approximately 30cm and 60cm and still allow edges to be attached.

The edges are in contrasting yellow and are beveled to reduce the risk of tripping.

How many edges will I need?

On each side that you require edging, you will require one edge per tile.  The edges are available as male and female. Male edges are required on opposite sides of the tile to female edges. The edges include corners for external angles and these are simply cut off where a straight run of edging is required.

For instance if you had a mat 2 tiles x 2 tiles and required edging all round you would need 8 edges, 4 male (M)and 4 female (F). See plan below:

ortho tile edge plan
ortho tile with edges

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