Mat well recesses are specially designed to allow a mat to be fitted so that it is flush with the floor around it. This is great in busy premises as it helps prevent a trip hazard. We offer a range of matting suitable for fitting into a matwell. Additionally these mats can be fitted wall to wall and is available as door matting by the metre.

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A mat well is simply a recess within the floor designed to allow a door mat or entrance mat to be installed that will sit flush with the surrounding floor. Mat well mats are inset into the floor.

Traditionally Coir has been the first choice, but with new modern mats coming onto the market there is now a greater choice of matting that is suitable for fitting within a coir mat well.

If you have a long existing mat well and are looking to replace your mat, the chances are that the mat well will be quite deep. This need not preclude you from choosing a thinner more modern mat as a sheet of marine plywood may be placed under the mat in order to bring it level with the floor around it.

We would always suggest careful measuring of your inset mat well and then ordering the mat over sized in order that you may then trim it to fit accurately on site. This can be easily achieved using a sharp Stanley type knife.

Should you have any questions about which mat well matting would be most suitable for your requirements, please do contact us and we will be happy to assist.