Mat Care

Regular care and cleaning of your floor mats will ensure optimum performance and extend their useful life.

Entrance mats and door mats should be vacuumed regularly to remove the dirt, grit and dust that has accumulated. This will help to improve the mats efficiency and also help to keep the mat in good condition. Dirt and grit build up in a door mat or entrance mat can accelerate wear of the mat, so its regular removal can help extend the life of the mat.

Cleaning is easily carried out, for instance many mats can be cleaned by hosing them off, entrance mats and door mats can also be extraction cleaned and our range of launderable mats can be machine washed, although larger mats will require a commercial washing machine. Many mats can be cleaned by using a pressure washer although care should be taken not to allow the nozzle of the machine to become too close to the mat.

As well as cleaning the top surface of the mat, care should be taken to remove grit and dirt from the underside as these can accelerate wear of the mat backing.

In addition to the benefits already spoken about, keeping your entrance mat or door mat in good condition will also enhance the look and presentation of your company’s entrance area or reception, helping to make a good first impression to your visitors.

In summary, regular care of your mat will help optimise your mats effectiveness, maintain its appearance and also prolong your mats useful life.