Mat Accessories

  • Nature Grip

    Helps to keep mat in place on hard floors, tough polypropylene fabric coated with natural rubber, grid pattern helps eliminate mildew growth under mats.
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    From £5.99+VAT, (£7.19 Inc VAT) m
  • OlliGrip

    Olligrip is great for helping prevent mat slippage on hard floors and ‘creeping’ on carpets and offers outstanding value for money. Made from a soft pvc foam designed to provide maximum grip. Simply lay un der mat. Does not need to be eactly the same size as the mat as long as approx 75% of the area is covered.

    Width 60cm £48.95 per 10 Metre Roll
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    £48.95 +VAT, (£58.74 Inc VAT)
  • Rug-to-Rug

    Keeps mat flat for extra safety, helps prevent mat movement on carpeted surfaces, protects carpet against pile wear caused by friction with the mat backing

    Width 80cm    £10.99 per metre
    Width 120cm  £15.99 per metre

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    From £10.99+VAT, (£13.19 Inc VAT) m

Mat and Rug Anti-Slip Membranes

Both Nature Grip and Rug-to-Rug will help to prevent mats from slipping on floors. Nature Grip is ideal to help prevent mats and rugs slipping or ‘creeping’ on hard floor surfaces whilst Rug-to-Rug will help to prevent mats and rugs from ‘creeping’ on carpets. OlliGrip is universal and will help prevent mats slipping on hard floors and creeping on carpets.