Mats can help collect dust and dirt and stop it from coming into the building but gradually the mat itself will need cleaning. Our range of machine washable door mats and entrance mats come in various sizes and colours and make it easy for you to clean by simply popping it into the washing machine. (Larger mats will require a commercial washing machine.)

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Machine washable door mats are available in a variety of types. Some of our washable cotton door mats can also be tumble dried adding to the convenience of keeping them clean.

It is generally recommended when washing a door mat to use a standard laundry detergent but to not use fabric conditioner as this can affect the performance of the washable mat.

Machine washable doormats are designed to be colour fast so that the colours remain vibrant throughout the life of the doormat.

If you are looking for a door mat that will be easy to care for, look no further than washable doormats as these mats offer the easiest care routine. Of course as well as machine washing when required, regular vacuuming will lift the pile and help maintain the mats effectiveness between washes.

Our fully launderable mats are tough enough to withstand regular laundry processing of machine washing and tumble drying and come up looking as good as new time after time.

Obviously whether you can actually machine wash a doormat really depends on the size of your washing machine. Generally most domestic washing machines will accept a door mat up to 90cm x 120cm in size. Machines with larger drums and bigger maximum wash loads may accept larger mats. Commercial laundry washing machines will accept the larger door mats.

Our range of machine washable door mats can be viewed by selecting from the products above.