Locker Room Mats

Locker Room Mats

We offer a huge Locker room mat range which can be viewed Viewed Here.

One of the dangers in a locker room environment is the risk of slipping on wet floors. Water is generally brought into the locker room on wet bodies after showering and this can result in a wet slippery floor. A locker room mat can reduce this risk of slipping by allowing any extraneous water to drain through onto the floor beneath.

One of the uncomfortable things about the locker room environment is changing on a wet floor (hands up who has been really annoyed at getting wet socks when changing). The use of locker room matting will minimise this small but annoying problem as you will be standing on the mat which is raised from the floor and has allowed any surface water to drain away.

Our comprehensive range of locker room mats come in a range of styles colours and sizes to provide the solution you are looking for. As well as traditional duckboard mats we also have interlocking locker room mats that can be made up to your shape and size needs.

Duckboard style locker room mats can be purchased in a variety of widths in cut lengths or rolls of up to 15 metres in length. They can be used in isolation or can be joined together to form wider runs. Interlocking tiles can be used and the advantage that this type of locker room matting has is that the 30cm square tiles can be joined together to create a mat area of unlimited size and shaped to your locker room layout, anti trip bevel edges are also available which not only enhances safety but also finishes the mat area of neatly. They are easy to clip together and can be taken apart if necessary.

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Specialist Mats are a leading supplier of locker room mats . Should you require any advice about selecting a locker room mat, please do not hesitate to contact us.