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Commercial Kitchen Mats and Food Manufacturing Mats throughout the UK

We offer a range of commercial kitchen mats and mats suitable for use in food manufacturing establishments. Our kitchen mats have anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties. We also offer swarf mats for use in the food manufacturing industry. Anti-Slip kitchen mats help to provide a sure footing, whilst anti-fatigue properties offer improved comfort & can lead to increased productivity.

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  • Eurosafe – Swarf Mat – Anti Slip Mat

    • Hardwearing anti-fatigue mat which is also an effective
    swarf mat
    • Blue version is grease and oil resistant
    • Hardwearing, yet comfortable to stand on
    • Anti slip underside helps keep mat in position
    • Easy to clean, simply hose off.
    • Rubber construction with bevelled edges for safety
    • Can be used in wet areas to reduce risk of slipping

    • Depth: 15mm.
    • Wear resistance: Excellent
    • Slip Resistance: Excellent
    • Anti Fatigue: Good

    Standard (Black) Grease Resistant (Blue)
    90cm x 150cm 3’ x 5’ £49.99 £79.99

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    From £49.99+VAT, (£59.99 Inc VAT)
  • Catermat – Anti slip and anti fatigue kitchen mat

    • Superb anti slip properties.
    • Anti fatigue cushioned surface to reduce stress from
    standing for long periods
    • Anti Trip bevelled edges
    • Grease, oil and fat resistant nitrile rubber
    • Open top allows for effective drainage
    • Anti-microbial properties
    • Suitable for use in wet or dry areas
    • Outstanding Value.

    • Depth: 9mm
    • Wear resistance: Very Good
    • Slip Resistance: Very Good
    • Anti Fatigue: Very Good

    Catermat – Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat

    90cm x 150cm £76.99

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    From £76.99+VAT, (£92.39 Inc VAT)
  • Cater Grid Commercial Kitchen Matting

    • Hygienic anti-bacterial properties.
    • Grease and oil resistant
    • Anti-slip top surface for a safe footing in wet conditions.
    • Comfortable anti-fatigue properties.
    • Specially designed underside studs give exceptional
    water drainage properties.
    • Easily rolled up for cleaning.
    • Suitable for commercial kitchens, food production areas,
    Bar areas etc.
    • Can be cut to size

    • Depth: 8mm
    • Wear resistance: Very Good
    • Slip Resistance: Very Good
    • Anti Fatigue: Good

    Cater Grid – Anti Slip Commercial Kitchen Mat

    100cm x 240cm Orange £86.50

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    From £86.50+VAT, (£103.80 Inc VAT)
  • Chef Mat – Anti Fatigue Mat

    • Greaseproof rubber anti-fatigue mat for wet or dry use
    in demanding kitchen applications.
    • Underside suction cups and bevelled edges for
    • Easy-clean solid surface with no holes or cavities for
    bacteria to hide.
    • Drainage grooves allow liquids and debris to escape.

    • Depth: 12mm.
    • Wear resistance: Very Good
    • Slip Resistance: Very Good
    • Anti Fatigue: Very Good

    90cm x 120cm 3ft x 4ft £58.98

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    From £58.98+VAT, (£70.78 Inc VAT)
  • Euroflex Standard Mat



    60cm x 10m roll £409.99
    80cm x 10m roll £549.99
    100cm x 10m roll £679.99


    From £409.99+VAT, (£491.99 Inc VAT)
  • Eurogrip Anti Slip Mat

    Eurogrip carries a very high slip resistance rating (DIN 51130-R11) and offers excellent slip resistance. Open grid design allows debris and liquid to fall through the mat. A one year study by the University of Hertfordshire has proven Eurogrip’s anti fatigue properties which in turn help boost productivity and worker comfort.

    Eurogrip is hygienic, easy to clean and is suitable for use in most industrial environments including cold environments such as walk in freezers etc.
    • Depth: 10mm.
    • Wear Resistance: Excellent
    • Slip Resistance: Very Good
    • Anti Fatigue: Very Good


    60cm x 5m roll £179.00
    91cm x 5m roll £268.00
    122cm x 5m roll £358.00
    60cm x 10m roll £340.00
    91cm x 10m roll £511.00
    122cm x 10m roll £681.00

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    From £179.00+VAT, (£214.80 Inc VAT)
  • Swarfex Swarf Mat

    The Swarfex heavy duty swarf mat with it’s moulded scrapers provides excellent swarf removal and a superb anti slip surface.

    Nitrile rubber construction provides oil and grease resistance. Excellent for anti swarf use in food production areas. Easy to clean by hosing or pressure washing, this swarf mats closed surface ensures swarf is safely retained on the mat.

    Available in black.

    • Depth: 5mm.
    • Wear resistance: Excellent
    • Slip Resistance: Excellent
    • Anti Fatigue: Good

    Size Approx
    61cm x 91cm 2ft x 3ft £32.99
    87cm x 150cm 3ft x 5ft £79.99
    87cm x 3m 3ft x 10ft £158.99
    113cm x 180cm 4ft x 6ft £124.99
    113cm x 3m 4ft x 10ft £219.99

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    From £32.99+VAT, (£39.59 Inc VAT)
  • Washwell Foot Bath Mat (Boot Dip Mat)

    • High ramped sides designed to contain anti-microbial or any sanitising chemical solutions for boot dipping
    • Deep version has Yellow safety edges to enhance visibility and safety, shallow version is all black.
    • The base of this boot dip mat has hundreds of rubber bristles to trap dirt and grit whilst assisting with sanitation of boot soles.
    • Ideal for use in dairies, abattoirs, food manufacturing and healthcare.
    • Suitable for use with many disinfectants, Aura Disinfectant available if required. Not suitable for use with Chlorine based disinfectants.

    • Depth: 14mm
    • Wear resistance: Very Good
    • Slip Resistance: Very Good
    • Anti Fatigue: Very Good

    Washwell Boot Dip Mat – Boot Dip Mat

    70cm x 90cm x 2.5cm Shallow Black £48.00
    70cm x 120cm x 2.5cm Shallow Black £59.00
    81cm x 98cm x 4.8cm Deep Black/Yellow £154.00
    4 x 5 Ltr Boot Dip Disinfectant £74.99

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    From £48.00+VAT, (£57.60 Inc VAT)

Industrial and Commercial Kitchen Mats

Matting is essential for health and safety in any commercial kitchen environment. One of the key benefits is the reduction in slip accidents caused by wet or greasy floors.

Many kitchen mats have an open top which allows liquids and debris to fall through to the floor beneath which maintains a clean and dry top surface of the mat which in turn provides a safe standing / walking surface.

As well as anti slip benefits another benefit of most kitchen mats are anti fatigue properties.

Anti slip mats can be used in a variety of establishments including pubs, restaurants, hotels, fish and chip shops, takeaways, food production factories etc.

With a variety of mats available for the commercial kitchen environment we are always on hand to provide expert advice and assistance with selecting the right mat for your needs.
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