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Industrial Mats, Anti Fatigue Mats, Safety Mats and Anti Slip Mats

We supply specialist industrial mats and safety mats including anti fatigue mats and anti slip mats all with safety as the key factor. Based in Kent, we supply our  range of industrial mats, safety mats, anti slip mats & anti fatigue mats throughout the UK. Our range of industrial mats, anti slip mats safety mats and anti fatigue mats are covered by our lowest price guarantee.

Industrial Mat Full Range

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Swarfex industrial mat

Swarfex     From 35.99

Provides anti-slip traction just where it is needed. moulded scrapers remove heavy dirt and swarf from shoes. Made from nitrile rubber, oil and chemical resistant.  Great anti slip mat.
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Swarfscrape industrial anti slip mat

Swarfscrape     From 39.99

100% machine washable nitrile - nitrile is resistant to most aggressive machine coolants and oils. Removes dirt and swarf from shoes.

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Happy feet Industrial Matting

Happy Feet     From 81.07

Anti fatigue, anti slip, anti static and oil resistant. Available in black or black with border marked in yellow.


Diamond tread Industrial matting

Diamond Tread Tile System     From 3.99

Hard wearing vinyl tiles with anti-slip and anti fatigue properties. Quick and simple to install. Link together to cover any sized area. Beveled edges available.

comfort pebble -  anti fatigue mats

Comfort Pebble      From 15.00

Industrial anti-fatigue mat. Unbeatable value on this quality anti fatigue mat. For use in dry areas. Closed cell vinyl foam with pebble surface for traction. Very good worker comfort.
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Comfort Pebble Safety Anti fatigue mat

Comfort Pebble Safety     From 20.00

Industrial anti-fatigue mat available with yellow safety borders. For use in dry areas. Relieves fatigue thus improving worker comfort. Superb value anti fatigue matting.
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Comfort Rib anti fatigue mat

Comfort Rib     From 18.63

Industrial anti-fatigue mat for use in dry areas. Closed cell PVC sponge relieves leg and back discomfort. Ribbed surface and anti-trip bevels for safety.
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Cushion Pebble Industrial Mat

Ortho Pebble    From 14.99

Comfortable, cushioned anti fatigue mat helps relieve pressure from feet and lower back. Pebble surface provides grip.

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Cushion Pebble Safety

Ortho Pebble Safety     From 16.49

Similarly specified cushioned anti fatigue mat as Ortho Pebble but with the added benefit of high visibility safety yellow borders.

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Cushion Rib Industrial Mat

Ortho Rib   From 18.30

Comfortable, cushioned anti fatigue mat helps relieve pressure from feet and lower back. Ribbed surface helps prevent slips.

Ortho Rib Safety Industrial Mat

Ortho Rib Safety     From 21.99

Comfortable, cushioned anti fatigue mat , same specification as Ortho Rib but with the added benefit of ‘hi vis’ safety  yellow borders..

Ortho Pebble Light Industrial Mat

Ortho Pebble Light     From 14.99

A slimmer more cost effective version of our Ortho Pebble Anti fatigue Mat. Comfortable, cushioned anti fatigue mat with beveled edges. ,

Ortho Diamond  Industrial Mat

Ortho Diamond     From 18.99

Comfortable, cushioned anti fatigue mat with beveled edges. Diamond checker plate pattern offers enhanced grip and anti slip properties. ,

Ortho Diamond Safety  Industrial Mat

Ortho Diamond Safety     From 21.99

Comfortable, cushioned anti fatigue mat with beveled edges. Same specification as Ortho Diamond with the addition ‘hi vis’ safety borders.

Ortho Star Ultimate Industrial Mat

Ortho Star Ultimate    From 23.99

The comfort benefits of a vinyl sponge anti fatigue mat encapsulated in a water and chemical resistant outer.

Ortho Tile Industrial Mat

OrthoTile Industrial Rubber Tile     From 15.00

Superb value interlocking rubber tile. Great for covering large areas. Cushioned surface for comfort and anti slip surface and beveled edges for safety.

industrial entrance mat

Industrial Entrance Mats    From 12.45

A huge range of industrial entrance mats in a wide choice of sizes, types, and colours.

Chef Mat, Ideal in commercial kitchens.

The Chef Mat     From 58.98

Greaseproof rubber anti fatigue mat for wet or dry use in demanding kitchen applications.


The Rubber Rib      From 9.99

Low cost surface covering, suitable for industrial flooring, aisles, work benches and vehicle interiors.

Workzone anti-slip mat

Workzone      From 79.28

Multi-purpose anti-fatigue duck board type mat with safety anti-slip surface and bevels on all sides.

Oilzone antifatigue mat

Oilzone      From 148.82

High quality anti-fatigue duck-board matting for wet or dry industrial use. 100% nitrile rubber, designed to withstand industrial oils and harsh chemicals.

Comfort Tile Anti Fatigue Mat

Comfort Tile     From 1.99

Versatile interlocking duck board tile system with high grip surface suitable for indoor and outdoor dry or wet areas.

Kumfi--Diamond Anti fatigue mat

Comfort Diamond     From 35.85

Extra thick anti fatigue mat with chequer pattern and beveled edges provides excellent worker comfort

Comfort Tough Antifatigue mat

Comfort Tough     From 36.99

Premium vinyl sponge anti fatigue matting for dry areas in  heavy duty industrial environments. With PVC top layer for extra durability.

Hygimat-antifatigue kitchen mat

Hygimat     From 48.98

Antifatigue mat suitable for food production factories, commercial kitchens etc.

ergotred-antifatigue mat

Ergotred    57.92

A versatile anti fatigue mat providing superb worker comfort at a very economical price.

Versa bubble anti fatigue mat

Versa Bubble   47.99

A versatile anti fatigue mat with cushioning bubble pattern offering outstanding value for money.

Eurosafe swarf mat

Eurosafe     From 49.99

Hard wearing rubber anti-slip, anti fatigue industrial mat with bevels on all sides. Reduces risk of slipping on wet floors.

Euroflex Kitchen mat

Euroflex     From 54.99

Grid welded PVC matting. A very hard wearing duck board mat suitable for a variety of applications. Ideal for use in a commercial kitchen

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Cushion Link Anti Fatigue Matting System

Kushion Link Modular Anti Fatigue Matting System

A versatile anti fatigue matting system. Tiles can be connected to create any size and bevels edges can be fitted to enhance anti trip safety.

orthotred anti fatigue mat corner

Ortho Tred Anti Fatigue Mat    From 45.00

Safety anti fatigue mat with flame retardant surface, Ideal safety matting for welding bays.

Cellmax Industrial roof mat

Cellmax Roof Mat    From 48.99

Excellent roof mat helps prevent slip accidents while working at height, cell design helps ensure free drainage.

Clean step mat

Clean Step Sticky Mat   From 48.00

An effective sticky mat complete with 60 adhesive sheets for use in clean room areas.

Sticky step mat

Sticky Step Sticky Mat   From 69.99

An effective sticky mat. Pads stick directly to floor and have 30 removable sticky sheets to effectively remove dirt and dust.

Comfyflex antislip kitchen matting

Comfyflex Anti Slip Mat    From 230.00

Lightweight low profile anti slip mat suitable for bar and catering areas. Easy to take up and replace to allow cleaning.


Washwell Boot Dip Mat    From 48.00

For industrial and commercial sensitive clean areas. Can be filled with sanitising solution to decontaminate boots and shoes.

Boot Dip / Foot Batth Mat for food production areas

Eurogrip Anti Slip Mat    From 179.00

A great anti slip mat for use in industrial and commercial locations. Oil and grease resistant with outstanding anti slip properties. Eurogrip carries a very high slip resistance rating.

Industrial Mats and Matting

We offer one of the widest selections of industrial mats in the UK and can offer you the benefit of our many years experience in the matting industry.

Industrial mats are available to provide many different to solutions to a variety of problems in the industrial environment. From mats to mitigate slip hazards, dangers of water, oil and grease spillage, mats that control dust to mats that bring comfort to standing for long periods, we have the solution.

Industrial matting can be a complex purchase which is why we are on hand to offer our expert help and advice with your selection to ensure that you choose the best industrial mats suitable for your application and location.

Discontinued Ranges: Kumfi Rib, Kumfi Tough, Kumfi Diamond, Kumfi Tile, Kumfi Pebble, Euromat, Cushion Pebble,
Cushion Pebble Safety, Cushion Rib, Cushion Rib Safety Interflex

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