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Indoor Door Mats


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Our high-quality doormats are the perfect addition to any home. Designed to trap dirt and moisture, they keep your floors clean and looking their best. Made from durable materials, our doormats are built to last, even with heavy foot traffic. With a range of styles and colours to choose from, you can find the perfect mat to match your decor. Upgrade your home's entrance with our high-quality doormats today.

Door Mat Backings

When it comes to doormat backings, both vinyl and rubber are popular choices. Vinyl backings are generally less expensive and lighter weight, making them a great option for indoor use. Rubber backings are more durable and provide better slip-resistance, making them ideal for outdoor use and high-traffic areas. Additionally, rubber backings are less likely to crack or curl, and can withstand exposure to the elements. Ultimately, the choice between vinyl and rubber backing comes down to your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as where the doormat will be used, how often it will be exposed to moisture, and your budget when making your decision.

Door Mat Sizes

Our range offers a wide range of sizes to suit most requirements. However if you require a custom sized mat, we offer a range of bespoke made to measure door mats which can be made to your exact size requirements.

Door Mat & Entrance Mat Advice

As our name implies, we specialise in matting products and we are able to offer expert advice to help our customers choose the correct product for their requirements. If you would like any advice before purchasing, we are always pleased to help. For advice with product selection, please contact us.

Door Mat Locations & Applications

Door mats can be used in a variety of locations and applications throughout your home or business.

At the front door: A doormat placed at the entrance of your home or business is the perfect way to greet visitors and keep dirt and debris outside.

In the kitchen: A kitchen mat can help prevent slips and falls in a high-traffic area, while also protecting your floors from spills and stains.

In the bathroom: A bath mat can absorb moisture and prevent slips on wet floors, while also adding a pop of color or texture to your bathroom decor.

In the garage: A garage mat can protect your floors from oil, grease, and other automotive fluids, while also providing a comfortable surface for working on projects.

At the patio or deck: An outdoor mat can be used to create a welcoming entrance to your outdoor living space, while also preventing dirt and debris from being tracked inside.

Door Mat & Entrance Mat Prices

Many people ask about the wide price range of door matting available. Obviously a larger mat is more expensive than a small door mat but if you take two mats of the same dimensions then what could cause such a wide price difference between the two?

The first thing is the quality of manufacture and materials. You can buy an inexpensive door mat made cheaply from lower quality materials for say £15.00 and this may last you one year. Alternatively you could invest a bit more for a quality door mat for say £25.00 and this may provide an effective life of 5 years. Therefore the more expensive mat has worked out much cheaper in the long run.

All of our products are of commercial quality which means that they are quality manufactured to high standards and are made to withstand commercial use. Of course within our range of commercial door mats there are many different types and price ranges and which you choose will depend on the features required and the environment that the door mat will be used in.