Our range of gym mats offer shock absorption and are include those suitable for use as weightlifting mats, exercise mats and many other purposes such as use in skating rinks, gymnasiums and as stable mats. Our gym mats are suitable for most gym uses including weightlifting, general exercise and aerobics.

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Gym mats are available to suit a variety of different applications. From exercise areas to weight lifting areas, a gym mat can be used for a variety of uses.

For weight lifting and machine exercise areas a firmer denser rubber gym mat is best suited. For floor exercise areas a softer gym mat is required. These gym mats are generally made from foam sponge providing extra cushioning.

Gym mats are also made especially for judo, wrestling and martial arts such as karate. PE mats are made for various situations such as landing areas and falling areas for activities such as high jump. We also offer a range of lightweight PE mats which can easily be handled by primary school aged children.

As well as the gym mats that we have on our website we can offer a full range of gym mats for most situations. Please contact us to discuss your gym mat requirements.