Green Door mats and Entrance mats

Green Door Mats and Entrance Mats

Green Door Mats & Entrance Mats – The Green Mean Machine

When it comes to choosing a door mat (doormat) or entrance mat, colour can be an important deciding factor.

Regarded as the colour of money in our fast paced modern business world, Green is a popular choice for office premises large and small. The influence of Nature’s most prolific hue can be seen in everything from furniture, wall coverings and other forms of internal décor, through to logos, marketing literature and even the company name itself. If the success of large organisations such as Land Rover and Greenpeace are anything to go by, Green is Mean! Corporate giants such as these go the extra mile with an all encompassing brand identity, their green door mats and entrance mats the first objects to catch the eye of visitors from around the globe.

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Green Door Mats & Entrance Mats – Key USP: Vitality

Green is the colour of growth and vitality, associated with new life and renewal. Colour psychologists (yes, there are such people!) say that green can help to balance our emotions and bring harmony to our mind, body and soul, making our green door mats and entrance mats a great option for the peace makers and diplomats among us. However, it is not only new age gurus that believe in the healing power of this most appealing of colours. In 4th century France and 13th century Germany, symbols depicting a man’s face peering out of dense foliage, with leaves for beard and hair, were carved on churches, town halls and other buildings of important religious and cultural significance. These ‘Green Men’ were designed to signify rebirth, representing the cycle of growth each spring. Other examples are the Egyptian God, Osiris, a corn deity symbolizing vegetation, rebirth and resurrection, and the Tibetan God, Gana Kirtimukha, which in Sanskrit means “Face of Glory”. It is clear therefore that the humble but energetic colour green has had a significant impact upon our planet’s cultural development across the ages, its sphere of influence encompassing both religion and nature, as well as extending to more everyday uses in products such as our green door mats and entrance mats.

Further evidence of the versatility of this colour and the positive associations it represents can be found outside the prosaic realm of nature. The world of arts and entertainment offers numerous examples of its power and influence on the public consciousness, no surprise therefore that the popularity of green door mats and entrance mats is increasing within our overall colour portfolio. Consider the timeless appeal of Kermit the Frog, reluctantly enduring the passionate advances of his erstwhile pink nemesis, the tenacious Miss Piggy. Across the pond, back as far as the 1950’s, kids fell in love with Gumby, the bendable green hero from the US prime time children’s show, Howdy Doody. Fast forward a generation and swap hand puppets and clay figures for animated crime fighters in the form of the evergreen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Who can forget the immortal lines “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” coming from the mouth of a grave looking Dr Joseph Banner, guaranteeing mean green mayhem time and again in the terrifying form of The incredible Hulk. From the Grinch to Godzilla, from the Jolly Green Giant to Greedo, the much loved but short lived alien who fell foul of Han Solo in a Tattooine bar, green heroes and villains making up a veritable who’s who of cultural and entertainment icons, have been rampaging across our screens from time immemorial.

In summary, the colour’s impact and appeal is diverse and timeless, and its use within the albeit modest confines of green door mats and entrance mats can be seen as an extension of our enduring love for green in all its forms and shades.

Green Door Mats & Entrance Mats – Availability

If you’ll forgive a second reference to the daddy of all science fiction franchises, and with apologies to George Lucas, if a 900 year old Jedi master were advertising our green door mats and entrance mats, he would no doubt simply say, with his inimitable mastery of understatement, “Available they are, buy them you must”.

Green Door Mats & Entrance Mats – Pricing & Delivery

As with all our door mats and entrance matting, we guarantee to deliver our green door mats and entrance mats on time, every time. Our pricing structures make our competition green with envy or sick as a parrot, which is pretty much the same colour when you think about it!

Green Door Mats & Entrance Mats – Summary

Color Rating: Fresh, fit and feisty; Personality Rating: Yoda; Vitality Rating: 10/10

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