Entrance Mats

Entrance Mats

We have a huge selection of entrance mats for almost every situation and they can be viewed in the entrance matting categories below

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Outdoor Entrance Mat
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Entrance Mats – The Facts

No matter where you go or what type of building you enter, you will find an entrance mat hard at work. Often a forgotten asset, entrance mats work very hard at helping to assist in keeping your premises clean. Frequently overlooked, the importance of a good entrance mat is rarely understood. An entrance mat will silently be hard at work in commercial, industrial and domestic premises.

Good quality entrance mats will not only help with the internal cleanliness of your floors, it can also reduce internal atmospheric dust too. This helps your building to stay cleaner for longer therefore cutting down on the frequency of cleaning required and thus saving money.

Entrance mats come in a broad variety of sizes and types and the best one for you depends on many different factors such as the level of foot traffic and the type of floor surface it is to be laid upon.

As matting specialists we can offer a vast array of entrance matting including indoor entrance mats, exterior entrance mats for outside your premises and washable entrance mats too. We are also able to offer entrance mats for most premises including shop entrance mats and office entrance mats.

We are able to manufacture bespoke sizes from our custom size entrance mat ranges and even put your company logo or message onto a logo entrance mat.

Depending upon your requirements we can offer entrance mats in a variety of different materials, the most common being cotton or nylon. Cotton entrance mats are more absorbent and will remove more moisture, however if you are looking for a heavy duty entrance mat then a hard wearing nylon twist pile would be recommended.

Lose Lay Entrance Mat or Fitted? – This will most likely be dictated by whether you have an entrance mat well already installed or wish to install a mat well. A mat well is a recess in the floor into which an entrance mat is placed, the advantage being that the entrance mat will be level with the floor thus remove any trip hazard. Should this not be an option, please do not worry, all of our loose lay entrance mats are designed with a rubber or vinyl border which helps the mat to lay flat and minimise any risk of tripping.

Entrance Mats – Help and Advice

With such a variety of entrance matting available, it can be a headache trying to decide upon the correct entrance mat. We are always delighted to offer any help and assistance to ensure that you choose the correct entrance mat for your exact needs so please feel free to contact us.