Door Mats Cut To Size

Door Mats Cut To Size.

We offer a huge range of door mats and can offer door mats cut to size.

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Our door mats cut to size service means that you can order a door mat cut to the exact size that you require.

When looking for a door mat cut to size, you need to be sure that the door mat you order will not fray at the edges. Our door mats cut to size are made and edged to your size requirements eliminating the possibility of frayed edges.

Very often when you are trying to fit a particular space a doormat cut to size is the ideal option as it can be made to fit the required area.

We offer doormats cut to size in a variety of styles and colours.


We can also offer cut to size doormats without rubber borders, these are generally used in mat recesses or where a doormat is required to be fitted wall to wall or around door reveals. We are also able to offer doormats cut to a particular size and shape.

Specialist Mats are a leading supplier of door mats cut to size . Should you require any advice about selecting a door mat cut to size for your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.