Dirt Trapper Door Mats

Dirt Trapper Mats

We offer a huge range of dirt trapper door mats.

Dirt Trapper is a generic name for door mats and entrance mats as all of these mats can be classed as dirt trappers as that is what they are designed to do.

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Our range of dirt trapper mats include dirt trapper door mats suitable for commercial premises where a large dirt trapper door mat may be required. The advantage of a large dirt trapper door mat  is that it allows foot traffic to make contact with the mat several times and this helps to improve dirt and moisture removal. Dirt trapper mats are also great for pet owning households for dogs and cats.

Dirt trapper mats work by retaining dirt and grit within the mat pile thus preventing dirt from being trodden into your home or business premises. An added advantage is that dirt trapper mats will also retain moisture in nthe mat helping to keep your floors dry.

Our extensive range of dirt trapper mats or dirt catcher mats as they are sometimes referred to, has mats in a large variety of styles, colours and sizes. We are even able to offer a custom size dirt trapper mat made to your bespoke requirements.

Dirt trapper mats are made from a variety of materials including olefin, nylon and cotton with the latter being the most absorbent of the materials.

With such an extensive range of dirt trapping mats we are always delighted to offer our expert help and advice to assist you with your selection.

Specialist Mats are one of the leading UK suppliers of dirt trapper mats and our philosophy is to offer guaranteed unbeatable prices together with a professional and friendly customer service focus.

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Made to Measure Dirt Trapper Mats

We offer bespoke size made to measure dirt trapper mats in a wide range of styles and colours, if you require a custom sized dirt trapper mat then please click here