Our range of machine washable cotton door mats offer exceptional absorbency to leave water and liquids at the door. Cotton offers the best absorbency in a doormat and provides a blotting action to remove moisture from foot traffic even if its not wiped. Cotton door mats remove moisture as they are walked across making them ideal for pet owning households.

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Cotton door mats are great at absorbing moisture and provide a dirt trapping action.

Cotton is the most absorbent of the materials used in door mat manufacturing making it perfect for domestic situations to help prevent moisture and mud being trodden in across your floors and carpets.

For households with pets such as cats and dogs cotton doormats are a dream as they will provide a blotting action as pets walk across them helping to reduce the amount of moisture and dirt brought in by your pet.

Cotton door mats are usually machine washable making them easy to care for and some can also be tumble dried.

We offer a large range of cotton door mats in a variety of types and colours as can be seen above.

If you are placing your mat on a hard floor then either a cotton mat with a rubber latex backing or rubber gripper backing would be suitable. If you intend to place your cotton door mat on a carpeted floor then we would recommend choosing one with a gripper backing as the grippers on the back of the mat will help to prevent it ‘creeping’ on the carpet.

All of our cotton doormats have a mottled appearance which is deliberate as this helps to hide dirt trapped on the mat and maintain a smart appearance.


All of our cotton door mats are machine washable at 30 degrees. Additionally, Ollimat and Cadiz can be tumble dried on a low heat setting. Additionally, regular vacuuming will help to ensure the optimum performance of the mat and maintain its smart appearance.

Very large cotton mats may not be accommodated in a domestic washing machine so may either be washed in a commercial machine or they can also be extraction cleaned or simply taken outside and hosed off.

When washing cotton doormats a standard washing machine detergent can be used. However, a fabric conditioner should never be used as this coats the cotton fibers and reduces the absorbency of the mat.

Where a cotton mat is unsuitable for tumble drying or is too large, it may be line dried.