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Comfort Tile interlocking mat system, ideal for showers, swimming pools and locker rooms.

Comfort Tile 
Swimming Pool / Shower Mat / Changing Room Mat

  Interlocking duckboard tile system with high
   grip surface providing anti-slip safety
  Soft PVC construction provides barefoot comfort and
   safety for  poolside, showers, changing rooms
   and numerous other leisure applications.
  Bevelled edge system provides easy wheeled access.
  Free-draining surface keeps feet clear of standing water.
  Easy to clean - simply unclips into small sections.

  Depth: 12mm.   
Wear resistance: Very Good   
  Slip Resistance: Excellent   
Anti Fatigue: Very Good

Comfort Tile Colours

  Simple and effective interlocking system ensures a firm,
   quick joint which can be easily, but not accidentally released
  Bevelled edges moulded with corner section which can be
   simply removed with a sharp knife when not required.
  Can be laid to fit awkward shapes in any colour combination.
  System allows rapid extension or adaption of work areas
   and individual damaged tiles can be easily replaced.

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Comfort Tile  - Pool / Shower Mat

30cm x 30cm

12” x 12”



30cm x 5cm

12” x 2”

Bevel Edge


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Comfort Tile

Comfort Tile is ideal for covering large areas or even whole rooms and can be laid in various configurations. The tiles can also be used to create walkways, however as the tiles are designed of a soft PVC construction to provide bare foot comfort minimum widths should be adhered to in order to maintain structure strength and integrity. Over 3m in length - 3 tiles wide, over 5m in length - 4 tiles wide. If forming ‘T’ or ‘L’ shapes there should be a minimum of 4 tiles width joined at the junction.

Comfort Tile can be easily cleaned using a mild detergent solution and rinsing with clean water.

Another advantage is should accidental damage occur then it is simply a case of replacing the affected tile and not the whole product as can be the case with one piece mats.

High grip surface makes the Comfort Tile System ideal for swimming pools, changing rooms and shower areas.

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