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  • Coir can also be supplied as a complete roll.
  • The product of choice for mat wells (floor recesses), Coir doormats are selected for their easy care, low maintenance construction.
  • Coir is a natural rustic product and will shed fibres during its working life (particularly when its new). This is an unavoidable characteristic of the material. We do offer a non-shedding alternative to Coir – our Heavy Duty Brush range.
  • PLEASE NOTE THE MINIMUM ORDER VALUE IS 1 SQ.M. per mat (Excluding delivery).
  • There is a 3% +/- tolerance on all made to measure mats. If your mat is for a recess or mat well we recommend that you order the mat oversize and without a border so that the mat can be trimmed to fit on arrival.

Lead time approximately 2-3 working days to despatch.


What is a coir doormat?

A coir doormat is a type of welcome mat made from natural coconut fibres (coir) that are known for their durability and scraping capabilities to help keep dirt and debris out of your home.

Are coir doormats good for outdoor use?

Yes, coir doormats are excellent for outdoor use. They are designed to withstand weather conditions and heavy foot traffic at entryways.

How do I clean a coir doormat?

Cleaning a coir doormat is easy. You can shake it or vacuum it to remove loose dirt. For deeper cleaning, you can hose it down and let it air dry.

Do coir doormats shed fibres?

It’s common for coir doormats to shed some fibres initially, but this usually decreases over time as the mat settles.

Can I use a coir doormat on a heated floor?

Coir mats are usually not suitable for use on heated floors as the heat can cause them to deteriorate.

Are there different thickness options for coir doormats?

Yes, coir doormats come in different thicknesses. Thicker mats are more durable but may not fit under some doors, so choose one that suits your needs.

How to fit your mat in the recess?

Follow these simple steps to cut your coir matting and get the perfect size for your doormat. Firstly, remove the old mat from the recess and measure the length, width, and depth of the well using a tape measure, noting down the measurements. Next, turn the new coir mat upside down and mark the measurements on the back using a marker pen. Then, carefully cut the mat to size using a sharp knife, making sure to follow the marked measurements precisely. Finally, fit the new coir matting into the recess, pressing down all the edges to ensure a secure fit. With these steps, you can easily cut your coir matting to the perfect size for your doormat.

Availability: In stock
Mat Surface: Coconut Fibre
Mat Backing: PVC
Backing Finish: Smooth
Total Height: 23mm
Size Tolerance: ±3%
Custom Sizes: Yes
Foot Traffic: Any Domestic – Heavy Industrial
Dry Dirt Pick-Up: Good
Machine Washable: No
Tumble Dry: No



Shake out and hoover.

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