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Coir Mat Cut to Size
Coir Mat Natural Coir Matting  Red Coir Mat  Blue Coir Mat  Black
Coir Mat Brown Coir Mat  Green
Coir Mat  Grey Coir Matting  Russett

Please note that colours above are a guide only. As Coir is a natural product, shades can vary significantly between batches.

Coir Matting- Coconut Matting

  Coir mats are traditional style entrance mats for indoor
   mat wells or loose lay applications.
  Removes moisture and traps dirt with brushing action on
    foot traffic
  Coir matting can be cut to any length and width and does
    not require edge binding.
  PVC backing
  Can be cut to the nearest centimetre.
  If ordering for a mat well we recommend adding 5cm to
   each dimension to allow for accurate trimming to fit
  Industrial quality (do not confuse with inferior products)

  Depth: 17mm
  Water Retention: Excellent 
  Crush Resistance: Good
  Soil Resistance: Excellent
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Ordering Information

Mat sizes are nominal. Please allow 3% manufacturing tolerance. All prices exclude VAT.

If ordering for a mat well please add 5cm to both dimensions to allow for accurate trimming to fit on-site.

Availability: In Stock

Length (Whole cm figures only)

Coir Matting  - Coconut Matting Cut to Size

Coir matting or coconut matting is a traditional type of entrance mat. Our Coir entrance matting can be made to measure and cut to your size requirement and is available in natural, coloured coir matting is available in grey, russet, red, green, blue, brown and black.

If ordering for a mat well then please add 5cm to both dimensions to allow for the mat to be accurately trimmed to fit on-site.

Can be used for loose lay applications or recessed into the floor within a mat well. If ordering to fit a mat well we recommend ordering a few centimetres oversize so that it can be trimmed to fit perfectly on site.

Coir mats or coconut mats as they are also known are available in natural, grey, russet, red, green, blue, brown and black. As coconut matting is a natural product colours can vary slightly between batches.

Coir matting looks great for a traditional appearance and is ideal for use in mat wells offering an excellent scraping action to remove dirt and mud from shoes.

Made from the husks of coconut shells, coir matting is a natural product. The coconut husk is taken from the inside of the coconut shell and is present to protect the coconut seed (the part we buy in the shops) from damage, so it has a high level of strength and water resistance. 

Coir matting often called coconut matting is a traditional solution to keeping dirt and dust out of your premises.

Coir door mats are very effective at removing dirt and grit from foot traffic. The coconut fibre is extremely tough and will provide years of wear. This makes coconut matting suitable for heavy duty use

Coir mats are very popular for use in mat wells. We would always suggest ordering an oversize piece of coir matting so that it can be trimmed on site to fit your mat well perfectly.

Trimming is carried outby placing the mat face down and cutting with a stanley knife along a straight edge.

We also offer Coir cut to length from a 1 metre or 2 metre roll in 17mm and 23mm depths Click Here to view

Coir Logo Mats are also available Click Here to view

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