Charcoal Door Mats and Entrance Mats

Charcoal Door Mats and Entrance Mats

Charcoal Door Mats & Entrance Mats – Mr Popular

On the surface of it, to the uninformed casual observer, charcoal may initially seem like an unusual choice, especially for a product which is the first thing customers or visitors to your premises will see as they step over the threshold. However, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth, the colour having unique charms and attributes which make charcoal door mats and entrance mats the most popular option within our range.

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Charcoal Door Mats & Entrance Mats – Key USP: Durability

So, what are these hidden depths that make charcoal door mats and entrance mats number 1 in the colour charts I hear you cry? Well, the first and most obvious key to their success is the sheer practicality of the colour itself. As with grey, brown and even black matting, charcoal door mats and charcoal entrance mats retain their visual aesthetic day after day, week after week, month after month, regardless of the incessant punishment inflicted upon them by the repeated ravages of foot traffic. This stoicism in the face of adversity gives charcoal a colour durability factor second to none, and makes our charcoal door mats and entrance mats a must have product time after time.

In historical terms, charcoal’s impact upon the world of colour has been a relatively recent phenomenon. In fact, it was not until 1606 that charcoal was first recognized as a descriptive colour moniker within the English language. However, despite coming quite late to the party when compared with some of it brighter cousins, charcoal has been making up for lost time, being used as the shade of choice for everybody from kings to courtiers, artists to architects.

Built originally in the 11th Century and seen by many as the ancestral home of the British monarchy, Windsor Castle is perhaps the most famous representation of charcoal in architectural form. Artistically, the Dutch master Rembrandt Van Rijn was heavily influenced by the colour, most notably in his famous, to art critics at least, 1641 painting “Girl in a Picture Frame”. Over two centuries later Vincent Van Gogh chose charcoal as his preferred visual medium  when creating his 1890 masterpiece “Starry Night over the Rhone”, immortalized generations later by the songwriter, Cat Stevens, in his musical tribute to the tortured genius.

In conclusion, practical, durable and versatile, charcoal’s suitability within the humble medium of door and entrance matting cannot be denied. Therefore, we would highly recommend our charcoal door mats and our charcoal entrance mats to all those looking for a solid and reliable solution when considering their matting options.

Charcoal Doormats & Entrance Mats – Availability

Unsurprisingly, due to their popularity and appeal, we have ensured that our charcoal door mats and entrance mats are available at all times, with full satisfaction and consistent product quality guaranteed.

Charcoal Door Mats & Entrance Mats – Pricing & Delivery

As with all our mats, you can rest assured that our charcoal door mats and entrance mats will arrive in perfect condition and within the required time frame. From a pricing perspective, we promise that you will not purchase more competitively elsewhere and that our charcoal door mats and entrance mats represent the best value for money on the market.

Charcoal Door Mats & Entrance Mats – Summary

Color Rating: Practical and Popular; Personality Rating: Gandalf the Grey; Durability Rating: 10/10

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