Carpet Mats

Carpet Mats

Carpet Mats are available in a variety of types, sizes and colours.

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What are carpet mats?

Carpet mats are mats with a rubber or vinyl backing with a carpet pile surface. When selecting a carpet mat it is imperative to take into account the amount of people that will be entering an exiting you building as carpet mats are available from light duty to heavy duty and you need one that is going to suit.

If you have a commercial or industrial building then you should select a heavy duty carpet mat, Nylon is generally used to form a hard wearing twist pile and this is then backed with rubber to produce an exceptionally hard wearing carpet mat. This type of carpet matting should give years of heavy duty usability.

Carpet mats are the most widely used type of mats these days and can be finished in a colour to suit the surroundings and floor.

A carpet mat with a rubber back is generally suitable for use on all types of floor covering although for placing on a  carpeted surface the best type of carpet mat to use would be one with a gripper back.

Our carpet mats are all offered with a guaranteed lowest price and we can offer an efficient delivery service across the UK and europe.

As there are so many differing types of carpet mats available some people are fazed by the vast selection on offer, please don’t worry, we are the matting experts and always pleased to offer as much help and assistance required to assist you to choose the correct carpet mat for your requirements.

We stock a good selection of carpet mats across all price points and they can be viewed by clicking on the picture of a carpet mat below.