Carpet Door Mats

Carpet Door Mats

Carpet Door Mats come in various types, sizes and colours.

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It is important when choosing a carpet door mat for your  premises to consider the volume of traffic that will be entering your premises. Our carpet door mats are rated from light foot traffic which are suitable for smaller, less busy commercial premises and domestic properties through to heavy foot traffic which are ideal for larger busier premises.

In commercial or industrial premises it is very important to specify a hard wearing heavy duty carpet doormat. For this purpose it is recommended to choose a nylon twist pile on a rubber backing which will ensure ultimate longevity for your mat. Nylon is the ultimate material for use in high traffic areas as it is both effective and extremely tough and rubber is the best backing as it is flexible and long lasting.

One of the other things to consider when choosing a carpet doormat is the finish of the backing. A smooth back is recommended for laying the mat on hard floors whereas a cleated back is best suited for laying on to carpet as it helps to assists in minimising movement of the mat on the carpeted surface as the cleats assist the mat with gripping the carpet.

Carpet door mats are extremely popular as they are both effective and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Our carpet door mats come in a wide variety of sizes and colours so we are sure to have a  mat suitable for your requirements.

 As experts in our field we are always happy to offer friendly advice and assistance to assist you in choosing the correct carpet door mat for your needs.

We stock a wide variety of carpet door mats at prices to suit every pocket and they can be viewed by clicking on the picture below.

It can be argued that choosing a carpet mat can be a little dull, however with our large range to choose from, we have tried to add a little excitement to the process. Finding the right mat to meet your needs from a performance aspect as well as being aesthetically pleasing can be a delight.

Our range of carpet door mats includes solid colours for a bold contemporary look and mottled colours which can be more practical with their dirt hiding capabilities.