Barrier Mats

Barrier Mats

Barrier Mat is an everyday term usually used to describe an entrance mat with a carpet pile on a rubber backing.

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Barrier mats are used in buildings to prevent dirt and water from being trodden across the interior floors, as the name implies they from a barrier at the entrance to your premises.

There are a variety of types of barrier matting available today and we offer a wide choice of barrier mats from stock to satisfy even the most demanding of environments.

Barrier mats are available in various grades and which you require will depend greatly on how busy your building is. We would always recommend a barrier mat with a rubber backing for commercial use as these will generally prove to be harder wearing and therefore last a lot longer.

The job of a barrier mat is to reduce the level of dust, dirt and mud being trodden into your building. It is generally recommended to have as large a barrier mat as space will allow as the larger the mat the more effective it will be.

A good barrier mat should be viewed as an investment as for the one off payment, the cost of cleaning your premises should reduce due to the need to clean floors less frequently than they were before. Additionally it will help keep entrance areas looking clean and welcoming to your visitors.

We have many years experience supplying barrier matting and are always happy to provide any help and assistance you may need with selecting the correct barrier mat for your needs.

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