Anti Slip Mats

Anti Slip Mats

Anti-slip mats are available in many different forms and are often referred to as safety mats.  Anti-slip mats are an important safety factor in many work areas, for instance in the warehouse, gargage or factories and an anti-slip mat will help prevent slips and falls where the floor becomes slippery due to liquid spills or other factors. We stock anti-slip mats suitable for most requirements. We offer anti-slip matting and safety matting to suit most requirements.

Anti slip mats are used for many different applications, and it is important to select the correct type of anti slip matting for you requirements.

We offer industrial anti slip mats for use in garages,factories and warehouse. Rubber anti slip mats can be very useful for increasing safety in areas where floors may be wet or oily.

We also offer a range of anti slip shower mats for increased safety in shower and changing room areas.

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Industrial Anti-slip Mats

Leisure Anti Slip Mat Matting

Anti-Slip Mat Benefits

One of the most common forms of accident in the work place are slip accidents. The strategic use of anti-slip mats can go a long way to help prevent slip injuries. An anti slip mat can help by providing more under foot grip on floor areas that are contaminated by water, liquids and oil.

Slip accidents are also one of the most common accidents occuring in public changing facilities as again the floors are quite often wet and slippery. The use of an anti-slip mat can substantially reduce the risks of slips and falls.

Anti-slip mats not only show the facilities user that you are actively concerned about safety in your premises, it is also likely to reduce your risk of accident claims.

Our range of anti slip matting provides a cost effective way of reducing the potential for slip accidents within your premises.

Anti Slip Mat Types

There are many different types of anti slip mat, one of the areas most frequently requiring this type of matting are shower areas and we offer an extensive range of anti slip shower matting.

Another area that often requires anti slip safety is commercial kitchens and again we offer a large range of anti slip kitchen mats.

The third main area wher slip accidents occur is in industrial areas where oil and grease may be present and we have a vast selection of industrial anti slip mat types available.